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Core Procedures
Core charge – the deposit value of the item payable at the time of purchase but refunded when a rebuild-able core is submitted. This charge generally applies (but not limited to):
all versions of turbo (or super charged),
transfer cases,
Full credit applies only to those matching model and part numbers of the same obtained from us. Problems are rare with these refundable deposits. Feel free to contact the parts department prior to any purchase should you have any concerns.
All components identified as a core source should be:
Shipped for a return to Used within 30 days of initial purchase
Shipped in the container originally provided.
Shipping cost is consumer’s responsibility unless noted elsewhere.

To expedite your car the fastest we will ship to the contiguousUnited StatesandCanadafrom one of our nation-wide centers. An estimated time of arrival shall be given for items available at the time of purchase, Custom/Specialized Orders or others that cannot be set up immediately.

Terms of Use Pertaining to Our Website:
You agree that by purchasing service, downloading data or your general utilization of the service you are bound to the Terms & Conditions of, which is outlined below.

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Agreement to Terms of Its Use:
We do not permit the data or information on our website to be forwarded or sold. We have zero tolerance for acquisition of email addresses to be utilized as spam. All Authorized vendors or users of our website are bound and remain in agreement and shall adhere to the terms and conditions and agree to being 18 years or older (of legal age). Those eighteen years or younger agree to have obtained permission from parents or legal guardians to use services on our website. Parents of minors agree to the same terms, conditions, and the minor’s activities on our website. All visitors remain in agreement that contact, payment and/or any other exchanges of information provided or obtained by the website is truthful. This agreement also reflects that all payments transactions shall be performed in good faith and according to these terms and conditions. Visitors also agree that fraudulent activity is subject to investigation by authorities and subject to appropriate prosecution.
Visitors also agree and understand that copying of information on this site is in violation of the law or that use of this site’s materials, any and all products or services shall not violate laws. This includes all information available, information listed or written or published content and any materials beholden of this website and
The utilization of this site remains the discretion of and can and will terminate any utilization by any at any time and without notification.
Limits of Liability and Accountability of Postings:
All items and their respective prices are subject to availability related to the frequent turnover of used automobile components.

Toll Free: 1-888-289-0651


Warrantees expressed by assures components are protected from defects in material and craftsmanship upon proper installation and under reasonable (normal) use (wear and tear) and service for the amount of time and for the distance relative to the terms and conditions as follows unless expressly noted otherwise:
Terms of Warranty:
Repair or replacement of defective component remains the option upon the discretion of under the following provisions:
Within 90 days and unlimited miles (unless expressly stated otherwise) for parts initiated from the date of delivery. This warranty does not include or cover accessories or parts or attachments. These included (but not limited to):
I. distributor(s), alternator(s), starter(s),
II. timing belt(s) on a belt-driven engine(s) as well as accompanying seal(s)
III. exhaust manifold(s), carburetor system(s),
IV. water pump(s), thermostat(s),
V. clutch, flywheel

Warranties are not available or not included under coverage for:
Mazda rotary,
High performance and/or racing engines or
Related transmissions
Warrantees on used transmissions are applicable from the date of delivery for 90 days and only for parts. Among those not guaranteed include:
Torque converters
Electrical switches
Wiring systems
Shifting linkages
Accumulation of surface rust is reasonable and customary in any housing environment because of the intrinsic nature of the engine, transmission or transfer case’s materials. Thus, we do not provide a warrantee against rust when it does not hinder performance expectations of the part sold.
The obligations of consumer for guarantee is as follows:
Installation of the following:
I. Coolant (and tune-up)
II. Spark plugs,
III. New oil,
IV. Oil filter,
V. Thermostat,
The following also applies:
I. The radiator must have been rotted out by a qualified technician
II. New water hose(s) must have been installed
III. New water pump(s) must have been installed
IV. New seals and gaskets must have been installed

The varying design nature of Japanese models require the customer to alter, change or convert designated components such as (but not limited to) the oil pan, oil pick up tube, dipstick, flywheel, clutch assembly, distributor, smog devices, et. al. The specific requirements for the make and model must have been performed sufficiently.
All smog devices shall have been re-installed.
New timing belt(s) with proper cam timing are required on all engines equipped with a timing belt prior to installation. See limitation (1d).
Valve clearance and tune up must have been checked and performed.
Verification of parts for adequacy, amplitude and application prior to installation is the customer’s responsibility. We will not be held liable for components installed improperly or from the result of errors within/from order placement, packaging and/or shipping.
An ASE certified technician must have verified and overseen the entire installation process.
All claims shall have been filed initially with a representative from A Return Authorization Number (RAN) must be assigned before any unit can be returned. Ensuring the product is returned in its original condition and assembled as originally delivered is the customer’s responsibility.


1-The following is not included in warranty or guarantee:
Replacements or repairs stemming from:
i. Accidents
ii. Misuse
iii. Collision
iv. Upset
v. Fire
vi. Negligence
vii. Alteration
viii. Racing events
ix. Improper Installation
x. Repair
Cost of labor,
lost time or wages,
tow charges or fees,
freight expenses, rental fees,
insurance claim fees, et. al.
Oil spills or leakage,
Dissipated head gasket(s) and/or overheating from substandard cooling system.
Genuflected valves, violent engine cessation or exhaust discharge from defective timing belt(s) or improper cam time setting. New timing is essential on any belt-driven engines before placement.
Centralized adulterations or interior marring because of objects released into combustion chambers. 2-Assemblage of long block interior that is covered includes:
Piston Pins
Crankshaft and Main Bearings
Oil Pump
Connecting Rods and Rod Bearings
Camshaft and Camshaft Bearings
Timing Chain and Timing Gears
Valve Springs
Push Rods
Rocker Arms
Pistons and piston rings
Hydraulic Lifters
Intake and Exhaust Valves
Rocker Arm Shafts
When damaged by these parts listed the engine block and cylinder heads are covered.

All cancellations resulting after delivery holds the customer liable for return shipping charges plus a 20% surcharge. Notification of damages is required within 24 hours preceding delivery for the purpose of obtaining a claim from the originating freight line. All litigations shall be resolved within the city ofJacksonvillein the state ofFlorida.

The term “long block” is applicable to all sales of used engines of which includes the cylinder heads, engine block and its accompanying internal devices. Warrantees are not applicable to attached amendments or accessories (unless otherwise noted on the sales order). The customer with their discernment of its purpose shall determine the utilization of these accessories. is not responsible for additional charges or labor costs involved in the placement process stemming from requirements of certain engines utilizing parts only obtained from the original engine.

Freight driver must note damages on delivery ticket for authorization purposes. Please perform inspection and note its condition prior to dismissing the delivery driver. Then, notify of any damages if necessary. Notification should be immediate if they are severe. Proper identification of specified long block is essential by comparing both new and old engines. Contact your sales representative at 1-888-289-0651 immediately of any variances between them.
Identification of change-over parts can be readily assessed by removing the old engine and placing it directly aside the replacement. Note necessary changeovers. Timing devices require replacement should the mileage be over factory specification for the individual timing belt or timing chain. Be certain to identify the mileage. Bolted accessories should be inspected. Identify crumbly, frail or leaky gaskets. These should be replaced if found in this condition. At this time, the accessories needed off your old engine should be changed over to the new.
All warranties are void on engines with premature failures from installation of damaged parts. Therefore, do not insert any engine with such damaged devices including (but not limited to):
valve cover(s) or
oil pan(s)
engine mount(s)
timing cover(s)
Perform a coolant system flush
Clean or Replace:
Oil Strainer
Oil Pan Gasket
Pick Screen
Oil pan Gasket
Rear Main Seal
Oil (per mfg’s specifications)
Oil Filter
All routine maintenance items should be replaced at time of installation including:
Timing Belts
Water Pump
Spark Plugs
Restore water hoses and/or vacuum lines.
Prime the Oil system verifying adequate oil pressure before start-up.
Verification of cooling system is imperative while placing new products.
Verification of electrical system conductivity is imperative during placement new products.
Replacement of valve cover gasket(s) shall be performed when necessary.
Installation of new belt(s) and hose(s) shall be required.

Pre-installation requirements for extending the longevity of your transmission and warranty protection beneath ordinary driving conditions:
Note: Alterations to wiring, linkages and speedometer gears/sensors maybe be required when crossing over between years or models. Comparisons need be made in advance.
Front crankshaft seal(s) and axle seal(s) shall be displaced with new ones
Placement(s) of new transmission filter kit is required.
Flush transmission(s) and perform inspection.
Refill proper fluid levels to manufacturer specifications.
Installation of torque converter is required with proper positioning.
Throttle position sensor cable need be adapted properly.

Pre-installation requirements for extending the longevity of your transmission and warranty protection beneath ordinary driving conditions:
Note: Alterations to wiring, linkages and speedometer gears/sensors maybe be required when crossing over between years or models. Comparisons need be made in advance.
throw-out bearing,
pilot bearing,
axle or drive shaft seal
Gear lubes shall be drained of fluid and refilled per manufacturer’s specifications
Identify & adjust or replace shifter linkages as well as transmission and engine mounts

Your confidentiality is as important to us as it is you. To secure best your personal and private information we have made the following information available and any options regarding. The same is accessible on our homepage and at the point of retrieval of personally identifiable information as it occurs.

Our Use of Personal Information:
Your information: All personally identifiable information is reserved exclusively for the sole purpose of obtaining orders. Outside entities or individuals except to fulfill orders do not utilize acquisition of personal information or identification.
Utilization of Third Party Information: We only utilize third party personal identification for the sole purpose of shipping and delivery of component(s) of those orders and for confirmation of said shipping and deliveries. All third party personal identifications are maintained in confidence and are not sold, delivered or allowed access to third party individuals or entities.
Utilization of Email Addresses: All email addresses are utilized for the sole purposes of answering incoming mail that we receive and for responses. Again, these addresses are held in confidence and none are delivered, sold or utilized by individuals or entities outside of our organization.
Utilization of Website Data: Our website is facilitated with design factors to enhance multi-user capability by administering aggregate and non-personally identifiable information that may be shared with some advertisers. This, as an example, entails readily identifying how many visits occurred within a specific section of our website or may contain gender-specific data upon those who fill out our registrations. Still, any personally identifiable information is never disclosed relating to the individuals visiting the site.
Finally, we always prohibit sharing of information in unrelated issues OR when the opportunity arises we provide an opt-out option, but we never utilize or distribute personally identifiable information outside of the reasons noted above.

Secure Data Defense
Our website design integrates technologies – physical and electronic – ensuring the safety of all information that:
Prohibits unauthorized access,
Maintains accuracy,
Ensures the correct utilization and
Information we collect is secure.

Privacy of minors requires special handling. Thus, our website is designed specifically to avoid luring or attracting minors (13 and under). In the event we recognize a visitor to be 13 years of age, that information is not acquired or maintained for any length of time.

Contact Us:
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