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Used Engine Our first priority at USED-ENGINES.ORG is to provision used transfer cases to match the description you lay out for us in a safe and responsible manner. If a rebuilt or remanufactured transfer case with an extended warranty is more suitable, then you can expect it to arrive in that responsible manner at an affordable price. When you call, you will reach an experienced expert who will find the right transfer case for you and take down any information to obtain the exact component. Our customer service has set the benchmark within the industry.

When you call us at USED-ENGINES.ORG you will be given a free quote with no pressure and no obligation. We only want to make this difficult time for you easier. It is not every day your transportation is toast. Now, you must coordinate automotive parts toward a trustworthy mechanic and make sure you are not shafted in the meantime. Call us toll free at 888-289-0651 and we will immediately provision the right part for at the right destination with the best price to found anywhere.

For More Information, Call Us Now!

Our qualified experts represent our company’s 25 years of experience in this business. You will be able to reach this person live when you call and find them happy to serve and to get you back on the road with the exact transfer case you need.

What can you expect when you call?

Respectful professional staff who will get the necessary information from you, including the VIN number of your vehicle, to be able to locate the exact year, make and model of your transfer case
The expert staff will search our huge inventory of good quality parts
You will be provided with a history of the vehicle that your transfer case is coming from
Our staff will be dealing with only reliable sources.
Years of good business transactions with the salvage yards and shops we deal with make for getting the best parts and honest information about those parts.
A free price quote with no pressure, no obligation when you call
Our staff will be arranging shipping that will be safe and secure to get your transfer case to you in perfect shape
You will receive brilliant service not found within our industry.
Email communication is available, should that be your preference.
A good warranty

You may be a repair shop, private vehicle owner, dealer, or service station. We are there for you. Most of our customers are from repeat business – a sure sign that our experience with them has been totally satisfactory and there is good reason why. You are next.Therefore, we will locate any make, model rebuilt transfer case – foreign or domestic, or for that rare car part, that no one seems able to locate. We are quickly becoming renowned for acquisition of some of the most obscure parts. Chances are, if we cannot locate it, it probably does not exist.

For More Information, Call Us Now!

Does your local pick-n-pull not have the exact transfer case you need? There is much to be weary of online when looking for auto parts. Therefore, you need to save yourself many phone calls and let us help you. You need not worry; our experts authenticate all our transfer cases. So, you can feel confident that you made the right decision and our parts are what we say they are. Do not accept any substitutes. Our competitors attempt to mimic us, but cannot rearrange their distribution channel ultimately reproducing the great rates we offer.

Let us be your one-stop shop. is number one provider for individual automotive enthusiasts performing solo modifications and upgrades. Let us make you happy and take one more burden off your shoulders. You will never regret it.Looking for sustainable measures? We are. Consumers are closing in on the steady reality that upgrading and modifying their existing cars instead of purchasing another vehicle is sustainable. We confidently assure our clients the incoming units remanufacture to suitable standards for reuse and put right back into the industry. In this way, you are helping to provide a greener and more sustainable future. Gone are the days of scraping decent automotive parts. In addition, it helps lower your cost. Now, that is a win-win scenario for everyone involved and some that are not.

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