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Used Engine Do you need a used transmission for your car, truck or van? If you answered “yes”, then you have found the right place for transmissions or even a rebuilt transmission with available warranties for your need. Welcome to where our family has provisioned fine authentic automotive and after-market parts for more than a quarter century in a responsible and efficient manner.Now that you landed on our business website, we recommend you call us and talk to one of our experts for your next transmission for your vehicle. Our family-owned business will treat you, as we would like to be treated. The proof is in our excellent reviews on the internet. Allow us to earn your business and we will ensure your satisfaction.

We promise you will be happy with our product and services. Mostly, when an individual buys a transmission from us and takes it to a shop for installation, that shop owner becomes a repeat customer. Many shop owners have added benefit to their service by utilizing us to find their parts.The easiest way to verify our integrity is to check us out. Talk to our representative and compare us with all those internet based businesses. Here, there is no gimmick and no games. We do it the old fashion way, which is all about trust.

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Used Transmissions

Our family can boast at being the number one in integrity and honesty and for trustworthy business for the automotive parts industry. Whether you need a remanufactured transmission because of original defect or a replacement because yours weathered beyond maintenance, we are here to give you a few quotes without pressure.You choose the one that makes sense for you and your need from a variety of available warrantees but all with a 100% money-back guarantee. We streamline our distribution lines, forged alliances with great yard managers and cut overhead on a daily basis to bring you the lowest prices available in the industry. Find out today how much we can save on your engine or transmission.

We always guarantee satisfaction.
A number of available warranties exist depending on the unit you select.
We only need your VIN to begin saving money.
We will need the potential shipping address available when you call.
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Transmissions, Transaxle or Gearboxes and What They Do:

No matter the name, they all serve the same purpose. While the most neglected part of an automobile’s drive train system, the transmission is the one thing most crucial to the overall vehicular performance. By dividing the power from the engine and converting it into torque, the wheels turn pushing the vehicle forward. An embattled transmission can spell:
greater gas costs and
danger for those heavier payloads or
danger under stressful scenarios.
Automatic transmissions utilize a hydraulic-type system with fluids that lubricate, cool and protect the transmission under stress. The internal workings of automatic transmissions have a series of gears, clutches, solenoids and pumps. The manual transmission – or gearbox – is much more basic with mostly gears and shift assisting mechanisms internally. It requires lubrication similar to engine oil for operation.Any one of these details will matter in your search inquiry. One of our expert representatives can help you guarantee the correct transmission for your vehicle utilizing its original VIN number.

Used EngineDid your vehicle suffer from a teenager learning to drive? Stripped gears can spell serious problems and will only worsen over time unless that transmission is replaced. One of our rebuilt transmissions with available warranties must just be the solution you are looking for. From only the brightest CNC businesses, all our transmissions come with a guarantee on satisfaction.
Is that deep-discounted transmission right for you? One of the many ways our competitors try to survive is by purchasing very large orders of crates containing copious amounts of unidentified or less-than-desirable transmissions. This is especially true of imported parts. Many of these do not meet standard Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria and can cost the consumer a mint in modifications. In the end, those businesses must “move” every one of those crates to make a profit regardless the consequences to the consumer.
Not only are we responsible, but our connections are, too. We are meticulous this way. Over the last twenty-five years, we not only decidedly selected our components but also our business partnerships and alliances. They often hold transmissions specifically for our clients. Our connections are also innately aware only superb transmissions and excellent service suffices our business. In this way, we know you can be confident in our services and that your next transmission is available within arms’ reach.

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