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The Best Used Mercedes Engines and Transmissions

Used EngineWhen it comes to buying a used engine then there are numerous thoughts and concerns that surrounds the buyer like what engine should I buy? From where should I buy? Will it be expensive? Will it be authentic? And above all one major concern is whether it is worth to its price in terms of quality parameters? These are some of the common attributes that any smart buyer will look for before stepping-in in the market of used engines. But if you are specifically looking for used Mercedes engine for sale then we would suggest visiting our inventory in first place.

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We are into this business from years and since then we have developed a long and appreciable clientele of those customers that always thrive for a perfect combination of quality and affordability. So if you are also one of those customers that are looking for quality in used Mercedes engine with a perfect price tag then browse our inventory either online or by visiting our store in personal. All our products marked with authenticity and cleared VIN verification tests. Moreover we offer complete three years warranty on our entire range of used engines with appreciable after sales service that no other dealer can offer you.

An Introduction to Mercedes

Daimler AG one of the German manufacturing company has introduced line of luxury automobiles in year 1886. Buses, coaches and trucks are its speciality and all comes with a touch of luxury and style. The headquarters of this automobile giant is in Stuttgart, Germany.
History of Mercedes
The origin of Mercedes Benz took place with the creation of Karl Benz’s first petrol powered car that was patented as Benz Patent Motorwagen in January 1886. For the first time in year 1901 Mercedes automobile were marketed by Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. Then in year 1926 the first brand name Mercedes-Benz was officially introduced in the market due to the merger of Gottlieb Daimler’s and Karl Benz’s companies into Daimler Benz Company. Moreover in subsequent years the company has introduced some appreciable safety and technological innovations that become adapt by other automobiles as well.

What we can offer in Rebuilt Mercedes Engines

guaranteeAs compare to other dealers we have a quite appreciable inventory of used Mercedes engines that are available in excellent conditions.Mercedes Benz is known for manufacturing complete line of straight 4-5 and 6 engines as well as V12, V10, V8 and V6 engines including Wankel engine are available in our store. We can also offer their distinctive configuration of single overhead cam with 3 valves per cylinder in our remanufactured Mercedes Engines.We have following options in used Mercedes engines that are low mileage and high performance oriented.
M121, M102, M166, M111 (DOHC), M266, M271.
OM 138, OM 621, OM 616, OM 601, OM 636, OM 651, OM 646, OM 668, OM 604 and OM 601.
OM 617 (Diesel), OM 602 Diesel (2.5L and 2.9 L), OM612 Diesel (2.7 L) and OM 605 Diesel (2.5 L).
M180, M189, M129, M114, M123, OM 603 Diesel (3.0L and 3.5L), OM 606 diesel, M104 DOHC (2.8L, 3.0L, 3.2L, 3.4L and 3.6 L), M110 DOHC, M103 SOHC (2.6L and 3.0L) and OM648 Diesel are some of desirable options in used Mercedes Engines.

All our products are certified and passed all legitimate and relevant VIN authentication tests. So if you are looking for quality in your remanufactured Mercedes engine than call us today.

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