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The Best Used Pontiac Engines and Transmissions

Used EngineIn order to make a sound investment as a buyer you need to assess various elements of a seller especially if you intend to buy Used Pontiac Engines. This is the reason that most of the smart buyers always trust the renowned name for such transactions and Auto Used Engine is one such brand that is into this business from last two decades and offer all kinds of used engine that are 99% performance oriented. We understands how important is your money for you that is why our executives always tend to suggest the best to their customers and provide complete technical as well as non-technical orientation so that you will make an informed decision.

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We have an appreciable inventory of used Pontiac engine that are known for providing high efficiency and excellent mileage. Even today when market of used engine is growing at tremendous rate there are a few people who still prefer brand new car or engine and if you are one of them then have you ever thought about it why new? if you have an option to buy used engine in one third price of new ones. If you perform a good market research on all major automobile brands then you will come to know that most of them re-install used engine in their new cars instead scrapping them.

History of Pontiac Engines

In year 1926 a companion of General Motors was originated under the name of Pontiac but due to the presence of high quality oriented features made this brand more popular than its parent company. As a result of this later in year 1933 it superseded the GM brand and sold by its own name. It is considered for manufacturing the high performance oriented vehicles. Due to some financial crisis in year 2009 the General Motors announced the discontinuation of Pontiac vehicles and eventually in year 2010 its production was entirely seized.

Why Us?

guaranteeTrust, Honesty, Quality oriented products; excellent customer Support and reasonable price range are some of the aspects of Auto used Engine that differentiates us from other used engine providers. We understand efficiently what our customers looking for in their used engine and that is why we are appreciated by thousands of customers worldwide. We are not only limited to B2C market but also serve the B2B domain.

All our remanufactured Pontiac Engines come in excellent shape and sold only after passing their identification tests that specifically includes VIN verification. We also provide complete three years warranty along excellent after sale service.

Our Rebuilt Pontiac Engines Inventory

1. V 8 Engine
This configuration in the series of V 8 engine was first developed by Pontiac in year 1946 that is known for possessing 8 experimental units and L head engine. But later this model was modified with OHV design due to that it was introduced in the market in year 1955. At our store you will find this remanufactured Pontiac engine in excellent shape and at reasonable price.
2. High Powered V8 of year 1956
We also have the modified version of V8 engine that offers dual 4 barrel- carburettors and high performance oriented camshaft. We stock up only quality oriented used Pontiac engine so do not worry about the quality as we will always give you the best.Besides you can also buy other models of used Pontiac engine for sale that includes 455 L V8, 301 L V8 and 265 L V8.

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