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The Best Used Subaru Engines and Transmissions

Used EngineLooking for expert’s opinion on used engine market? But could not find any one that can advise you efficiently? Then you should consult this article as I am going to tell you some of the secrets through that you can easily locate and buy potential used Subaru engines for sale. However, these are not secrets but some common and smart list of attributes that generally people ignores while searching for used engines.

The market of used engines is quite vast and flooded with options not only in terms of brands but also in price and variants. When such large numbers of choices are available around you then it is quite obvious that you will get confused.

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This is the reason you need to consider following points before making any decision on remanufactured Subaru engines:
What are your requirement in terms of petrol or diesel version, cubic capacity and horse power?
What is your budget that you intend to spend on used engine?
These are two primary questions that need to be answered in first place as it will help you to make an informed decision in every perspective. Moreover they will assist you in researching the market efficiently.

About Subaru Engines

guaranteeThe merger of four different auto manufacturing companies in decade of 1950s established one conglomerate named Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). Later in same decade this corporation founded an automobile manufacturing division by the name of Subaru.

Subaru become world famous automobile manufacturing company due to its two appreciable layouts boxer engine that was introduced on those automobiles that have more than 1500 cubic capacity and other is all wheel drive layout. With these layouts they captured the international market and become the manufacturer of most appreciated mid size and smaller car variants.

Recently Toyota Motor Corporation has approached Fuji Heavy Industries for partial partnership and own about 16% shares of FHI. This kind of partnership is speculated to be fruitful not only for Subaru but also for the appreciators of small size cars.

Options in used Subaru engine for sale

The rebuilt Subaru engines are categorized as per the arrangement of cylinders and today in market you will easily find following Subaru engines
1. Two cylinder
In twin cylinder EK series was introduced by the Subaru that had early air cooled versions and later in year 1971 it was replaced with more efficient water cooled engine. In this category you will find both two stroke and four stroke engines:
- EK31 in 356cc
- EK32 in 356cc
- EK51 in 423cc
- EK21
- EK23
- EK23 Turbo
- EK42
- EK33 in 356cc
2. Three Cylinder
The liquid cooled 3 cylinder technology was introduced in Subaru’s EF series (four strokes) with SOHC version. Today you can easily get EF10 and EF12 variant of this engine.Besides these you can efficiently locate other used Subaru engine for sale including four cylinders (EA52, EA62, EA61, EA82, EA82T, EA81, EA81T, and Subaru EJ engine, EL, EN, FA and FB) and six cylinders (Subaru EG, EZ, ER).

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