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The Best Used Toyota Engines and Transmissions

Used EngineToday getting good deals on used Toyota engine is not a big task provided you have appreciable mediums and comparison strategies to make a thorough research on reliable providers. We are a part of this industry from long number of years and have seen numerous cases where people tend to buy cost effective deals on used Toyota engine but eventually land up on paying expensive repairs and other services. Once you submitted your requirement with our consultant then we will call you back or reach you through Email with all viable options as per your budget and specifications. It is true that today you will find unlimited options in used engines but think twice how many of these providers are reliable and will they provide you an authentic product?

We have created a database of those suppliers of Canada and USA that are known for selling authentic and reliable used Toyota engines for sale. Before adding any new inventory on our database we make complete identification on its VIN and quality checks so that you will get what you deserve in that price.

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About Toyota Automobiles

guaranteeToyota Motor Corporation or TMC is one of the largest multinational automobile manufacturers that are known for creating a marquee in the industry by revealing some appreciable range of automobiles. In terms of revenue this auto giant is in 11th position leaving behind other renowned automobile manufacturing brands. TMC was founded in year 1937 that is basically a division of Toyota Industries.

Whether you are searching for wide array of options in used Toyota engine for sale or any specific model we are here to assist you at every step.
What do we offer?
Straight 3 engines
– L (998 cc) 1KR
Straight 4 engine
– Type C – OHV
– Type S – OHV , R – OHV/SOHC/DOHC , 1959 – P , K – OHV , NR – DOHC , T – OHV/DOHC , A – SOHC/DOHC , NZ – DOHC , E – SOHC/DOHC , TZ – DOHC , ZZ – DOHC , TR – DOHC , ZR – DOHC and numerous other options are available remanufactured Toyota engines.
Straight 6 engines

In this category we can offer you great deals. Following are some popular options in remanufactured Toyota engine:
– Type A – OHV
– F – OHV
– Type B – OHV
V 6 engines
V8 engines
V – OHV, RV8, UR – DOHC, UZ – DOHC options are available in V8 engines. If you are looking for any specific model in V10 and V12 rebuilt Toyota engines then call us today.

Used Toyota Engines for sale

We’re happy you called us. When you call our engine expert at, you will be given a no-pressure, free quote for a good rebuilt, remanufactured or Used Toyota Engine, transmission or transfer case for your Vehicle.

When you call, just give us the VIN number of your vehicle – whether car or truck – and the part you require and on your first call you will receive a quote for a good low-mileage, low cost engine, transmission or transfer case.Take your time if you are not ready to buy at the time of your first call. We believe that once you have checked around, you will be calling you back.

In any case, our engine expert will check with our suppliers around the country for good used, overstocked or surplus engines and find the right Toyota engine for you. The engine we find will be inspected, will be tested and cleaned and sent to you with free shipping and a good warranty.

Rebuilt or Re-manufactured Engines

At the time you call initially, we can also give you a free quote on a rebuilt or on a re-manufactured Toyota engine. With rebuilt, any parts needing repairing are repaired, and any ones needing replacing are replaced with new parts – all according to OEM standards.Whether you get used, rebuilt or re-manufactured, you will save thousands that you may be paying to get a new Toyota engine, and you will have peace of mind with the good warranty you receive.

Throughout your contacts with us, you will be treated beautifully by our customer service staff in this family-owned company. Of course, family-owned means low overhead. So, we are able to provide an excellent product for you at the lowest price you will find anywhere.

When we send you your engine, we also send you the vehicle history for the part we are sending, so you will know about any prior repairs and about the vehicle’s service history.So, save yourself time and energy and let us help you. Much of our business is with prior customers – repair shops or individuals like you who were very happy about their previous dealings with us. We hope to make you one of those too – should the need ever arise for you in the future.

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